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Aug 25, 2017

Yerevan’s Top Sky Bars

Nighttime Yerevan is a sight to be seen with Mount Ararat in the backdrop of magnificent views of the city.

To make the most of the summer nights, here’s our pick of Yerevan’s best sky bars – the perfect spots for sipping cocktails and enjoying a night out.

El Sky Bar
The pioneer of the sky bar movement in Yerevan, El Sky Bar is still one of the most popular, due to its classy atmosphere, gourmet dishes, and posh cocktails. With a breathtaking view of the night from an angle that shows the best of the city, and the trendy music playing at the bar, El Sky Bar is a treat for all the senses!



True to its name, this restaurant-bar is a mosaic of various cuisines in an outdoor area covered in mosaics. The place offers its visitors a generous view of Republic Square and its dancing fountains. You won’t want to leave the place without trying a main course from their amazing menu. Linger on their balcony until the early hours and enjoy your drinks in style.



With a stunning view of the Cascade staircase and the Opera house, this recently opened sky bar managed to become a top spot. Forty-Four Sky Bar does rooftop drinking with classy cocktails, cool music and a hip atmosphere.



Although not as high up in the sky as the other bars, Diamond Bar offers a close up view of Republic Square and its nightly show of dancing fountains.

Cascade Royal


If you happen to be in the Cascade area, walk up the stairs to visit Cascade Royal, another sky bar opened in the past year. Make reservations for a late afternoon table to enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets over the city and Mount Ararat. Savor your cocktails until the late hours and then use the telescope on the terrace to have a closer look at the night sky!

Photo credits: El Sky Bar
                       Mozaic Sky Bar 
                       Fourty-Four Bar
                       Diamond Bar
                       Cascade Royal Bar