Armenian Innovation

Oct 19, 2016

Yerevan Street Art: Undiscovered Treasure in the Small City

Art has always been a way of self-expression and as the times change, it finds new ways of reinventing itself. Street art is a form of contemporary art that is made for the rebels!

Art has always been a way of self-expression that finds new ways of reinventing itself as times change. Street art is a form of contemporary art that is made for the rebels!

The rebellious spirit of contemporary art and street art in particular has gradually spread in Yerevan, too! Yerevan was once called an open air museum and “the pink city” because it had so many museums and iconic pink buildings (yes, besides Jaipur in India, it's Armenia’s Yerevan known as the pink city, named for the color of the stone used for construction). 

Now, it has taken modern art by storm! If you take a closer look at even the smallest passages, slightly dark underpasses, or the most unsightly buildings, there might be marvelous artwork waiting for you.


From portraits of famous writers to 3D art, the streets of Yerevan have a welcoming and sunny mosaic of street art. Such art aims to brighten the city by making people smile more often and giving its citizens a handful of colors. These roads look like they just came out of fairy tale; they come as an antidote to the casual boredom of workweek. But, most importantly, street art also helps artists to convey their messages, be they political or otherwise.

So, the next time you’re walking in Yerevan, watch out for a surprise around the corner. It may be a building in the city center covered by a huge painting, or a tiny portrait of someone special on a wall lost somewhere in Bangladesh, a small, remote region in Yerevan! And just remember, like any other form of art, street art can give birth to revolutions, too!