Urban Living

May 12, 2017

Soap bubbles, spring weather, and happy crowd make one fun afternoon!

What do you say for a spring afternoon of pure fun in the streets of Yerevan?

Once a year in mid-May, the Yerevan air fills with fresh, happy, colorful bubbles of soap. At the much-loved public Soap Bubble Event, thousands of people gather on Northern Avenue, the pedestrian street in central part of the city, to celebrate spring and togetherness in a way that blends kids and grownups into one big happy crowd!

Since spring 2010, Soap Bubble Event has become an integral part of the city’s spring event calendar. For the 7th year in a row, the Festival is going to take place on Sunday, May 14. The fun starts at 2:00 pm, but has no ending!

Throughout the entire afternoon, you can blow up soap bubbles, mingle with the crowd, enjoy some street music. Also, in sync with the theme of the day, you’ll have the chance to enjoy plenty of giant soap bubble shows.

So, grab some bottles of soap water, join the fun at Northern Avenue, and make your life colorful!