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Aug 3, 2017

Winners of Sevan Startup Summit 2017

Sevan Startup Summit 2017 announces the complete list of winners.

Big Battle:

Grand Prize of $8000 by Ameriabank:

Anix: decreases the customers reliance on agents, and speeds up the problem solving time, while also having a more natural conversation with customers.

1st place, $5000 by

Triple-E: AR technology is becoming more and more popular. The existing AR creation tools are hard to use or requiring technical background. Triple-E in an easy to use AR platform, which allows users to view, create and share AR, posts.

2nd place, $2500 by Orange Fitness:

AugmentAr: founded in September 2015. The company started its activity with the production of 3D Printers aiming at bringing the massive movement of 3D Printers usage to Armenia. Currently we are the only company specialized at 3D printer production in Armenia.

3rd place $1000 by

Chessify: In Chessify we revolutionize chess community experience applying state-of- the-art Deep Learning solutions. Our services are dedicated for both professional and amateur players. Our cloud service dramatically increases professional chess training productivity and saves ~30% of overall training time.

3rd place $1000 by GlobalAM

Expper: a robotic creating company currently working on 2 projects. 1. Educational robot kit: robot kit with specially designed engineering and programming learning courses for everyone – from kids to college students and researchers. 2. We work on creation of humanoid robot which can assure free communication and can be used in different areas.

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