Roger Altounyan’s and Harry Howell’s inhalation device

Armenian Innovation

Mar 14, 2017

#WhyArmenia: Roger Altounyan

Altounyan and Howell improved the way of curing pulmonary diseases by inventing the pressured inhaler and cromolyn sodium therapy used for asthma and allergies.

Since the inhalation of medicaments is the fastest way to treat pulmonary diseases, Roger Altounyan, an Anglo-Armenian physician and pharmacologist, along with his partner Howell Harry, designed Spinhaler: a unique device specifically to take medicament orally. The user should inhale the content of the container by inspiration through the device.

Roger Altounyan's Spinhaler became the forerunner of today's inhalers. The inspiration for the device is said to have been the vibration of the propellers of the aircraft he flew during the 1939–45 war.
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