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May 30, 2017

Where To Find The Best Development Team For Outsourcing Your Project

What are the reasons driving companies to outsource for their own software development needs? Where to look for to find the best of the best? How does Armenia and its thriving IT industry cater to the global need for skilled software engineers? 

Noor Games has just published an article titled "Where to Find the Best Development Team for Outsourcing your Project," pondering on the above mentioned and more related questions.

Are you a company or an individual looking for a software development team? Are you contemplating outsourcing? 

It is well known that current educational institutions do not keep up with the ever-growing demand for skilled software engineers in the world, and the situation is predicted to get worse in years to come. Therefore, companies and individuals are relying more and more on finding software developers either by hiring them from overseas or outsourcing the projects.

On the other hand, in spite of centralization of workforce in the technological and industrial centers such as the bay area of the Silicon Valley in the USA or the Waterloo Region in Canada, the skill gap is affecting those areas as well. Because of the scarcity of IT professionals the development costs are very high and increasing.

Finally, given the dynamics of trends in the information technologies sector, it is reasonable to create a prototype of the product and test it in the market before committing to a long term product development. In this case spending a lot of resources on recruiting, hiring, and training developers can be less effective than approaching a formed team of experienced individuals. For the purpose of developing a prototype, a short term contracts with an outsourcing vendor also could save money on development costs. This also applied to long term projects. Usually, people rely on outsourcing simply to save money.

So, where to look for the perfect software developers’ team to outsource?

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