IT News

Mar 29, 2017

Union of Information Technology Enterprises Announces a Summer Technological Camp

The Union of Information Technology Enterprises initiates a summer camp in a new format, which supposes to bring together the youth of the Diaspora and Armenia, to strengthen the bond between the children living in the regions of the Republic of Armenia and the children living in the Diaspora and their further cooperation, to serve as a wonderful platform for getting preliminary knowledge and skills in engineering.

 “Last year, the summer camp brought together for about 600 schoolchildren from different regions of Armenia. The camp was definitely a success and we’ve decided to expand the scope even more this year, involving the Diaspora schoolchildren as well. This camp is a unique platform where the Armenian youth from the different parts of the world can communicate, learn and spend their leisure time together. Apart from becoming great friends, they might also develop some cooperation together, why not? Another aim of the camp is also developing the team spirit among the schoolchildren”, Karen Vardanyan, UITE Executive Director noted.

The camp is for young people aged 10-13 and 14-17.

The duration of the camp is 8 days, which will include a specially drawn up agenda. The agenda will include

  • trainings for the acquisition of the initial knowledge and skills of programming and robotics, of engineering knowledge ,
  • courses,
  • tasks,
  • competitions,
  • entertainment program: team sports games, intellectual competitions, etc.

Attaching importance to the sowing of patriotism and attachment to the own country, the main directions of the camp are the activities aimed at recognizing the homeland:

  • camps,
  • classes of national dances,
  • preliminary firearm training, medical training,
  • cartography

Thus, through activities and tasks organized during the camp the children of "Armath" engineering laboratories will share their experience and knowledge with their peers from the Diaspora which will be an excellent opportunity for an open dialogue, teamwork, for sharing experience and knowledge, establishing ties.

You may find the press release here and the Technology Camp information pack here.