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Jul 14, 2017

Three Super Fun Things to do on Weekends in Yerevan in July

After a long week of developing codes and engineering software, when the weekend finally arrives, fun is only a small step away for the IT community in Yerevan.

From watermelons to running with colors to water soaking, here are some fun things to do on weekends in Yerevan during July.

July 15 – Watermelons and contests, a Festival to remember

If you love watermelons, then this is the weekend for you. Go on down to the open area around Swan Lake on 7:00 pm and enjoy a display of different varieties of watermelons, help yourself to the open buffet and see sculptures made out of watermelons. 

This year marks the fifth annual Watermelon Festival. It will feature live music, games and contests, and many watermelons. Groups of carving masters from all districts of Yerevan will be demonstrating their work, and other pavilions will feature celebrities cutting and sharing watermelons.

So, if you are interested in spending a breezy summer evening near a lake and eating as much watermelon as you can, then take your appetite to the Watermelon Festival.


July 16 – Run with your colors

Once a year, a Yerevan street gets lost in a cloud of colors. People take pictures and toss around more colored powder.

As a rule, all Yerevan Color Run 2017 participants must wear white clothing at the start of the race and be covered in colors by the end of it. After registration, racers get their numbers, bags of color and a bottle of water.

If you like running, colors, casual fun, and helping those in need, then hurry up, register yourself and be a part of the Color Run Charity race this Sunday. The five-kilometer run starts at 8:00 am at the Republic Square.

July 23 – Get a Good Soak and Don’t Nag. It’s Vardavar in Armenia!


Have you ever gotten soaked in water while walking down the street? Ever been attacked by a bucket of cool water as you’re trying to get out of your car? Or pushed into the pond at a park by complete strangers? If you’re anywhere in Armenia outside of your apartment on Vardavar Day, then you have no chance of getting home dry.

Once a year, in the burning heat of midsummer, Armenians celebrate one of their favorite holidays by soaking each other. On this day, Armenians, young and old, play Vardavar or jrotsi (getting soaked) all day long with good-natured water attacks, water games, and lots of fun! Another important feature of the holiday is that people shouldn’t be upset about getting soaked. Instead, count it as a blessing, since Vardavar water is believed to have healing powers!

Vardavar has its roots deep in ancient history. According to myth, the holiday first started over 2,500 years ago to celebrate the love between Astghik, the pagan Armenian goddess of love, and Vahagn, the god of thunder. On that day, people sprinkled each other with water and rose petals to wish love and beauty.

After the spread of Christianity, the meaning of the holiday was changed to celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ.

Always celebrated on a Sunday, this year’s Vardavar will be on July 23.

So, grab a bucket full of water and join the fun in the parks and streets. Just leave your phone and other important items safe and dry at home.

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