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Aug 4, 2017

Three Super Cool Things to Do on Hot August Weekends in Yerevan

Who says you have to go out of town on the weekends to cool down and have fun? Weekends in Yerevan are never boring. 

Take a look at these fun events and make your pick!  

August 5: The way we dressed  

While in Yerevan, you’re welcome to take a colorful journey through history by attending a glamorous exhibit of Armenian national dress known as “taraz”. 

On August 5, 2017, take a walk down Northern Avenue in Yerevan to visit Taraz Fest, an annual celebration exhibiting samples of Armenian traditional costumes, as well as the work of a younger generation of fashion designers, who combine elements of the traditional “taraz” with fashionable clothing and accessories. The Festival starts at 6:00 pm and lasts late in the night. 

Traditional Armenian costumes have a rich history dating back  millennia. Each costume is interlinked with the way of life, the climate, and the traditions of the region from which it originates. 

Samples of national costumes from other countries, such as Poland, Belarus, Kuwait, and Kazakhstan, will also be on display. 

Don’t miss this chance to spend a wonderful day of sunshine, culture and a walk down the lane of mesmerizing traditional costumes of Taraz Fest!  

August 19: Cool off with a Beer! 


Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day? 

On August 19, beer loves in Yerevan will get together at Swan Lake, another popular venue in downtown Yerevan for festivals and public events, to enjoy the best of Armenia’s beer. 

Yerevan Beer Fest will feature leading Armenian beer producers presenting their best products. The program will also include beer drinking contests, such as The Fastest Beer Drinker, The Fastest Beer drinker with a Straw, and, to go with all that beer, The Fastest Peanut Peeler! 

Fun fact: Did you know that Armenians produced beers during the ancient ages – 5th century BC to be exact? Xenophon, the Greek historian reports that Armenians used to drink beer from huge barrels and with straws made of reed. Now that’s a tradition to be honored!  

August 31: Goodbye Summer! 


As the seasons begin to shift, we suggest you bid summer goodbye by taking part in a cycling event! 

On August 31, at 6:30 pm, Take your bike to Matenadaran, the upper corner of Mashtots Avenue in downtown Yerevan, and join other cycling enthusiasts. 

The trip is a short one and will end at Swan Lake, where you will be rewarded with an open-air concert!

Photo credits:
Beer Academy