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Dec 12, 2016

The Team of Developers from YSU is in the Final of ACM-ICPC Olympiad!

As the press release of YSU states, YSU students-programmers have progressed into the final of “ACM-ICPC” International Programming Olympiad.

USA is the organizer of the competition. The semi-final having taken place on December 3-4, was held simultaneously in Tbilisi, St. Petersburg, Tashkent and Barnaul. It first took place on the regional level, where Armenia was with Russia, a number of South Caucasus and former Soviet countries. In the semi-final overall there were 300 teams representing the best universities in the former Soviet countries.

The students of the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics Albert Sahakyan, Hrayr Harutyunyan and Tigran Mamikonyan are the members of the YSU team. The first 17 teams progressed into final. YSU was the 12th, leaving behind the team of Moscow State University.

“Our team is very well prepared. We have done everything depending on us to create every condition to ensure the achievement of good results. In recent years I participate in the finals and have always thought that there is still something to improve. It is difficult to predict what will happen,” - says the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Vahram Dumanyan.

The final stage of the Olympiad will be held in May in the United States of America.

“The team worked for 4 years to achieve this result. Last year we were quite strong, worthy of the final, but it depended on a number of factors. Our appearance in the final is logical. In the final we will compete with the universities of China, Korea, USA, etc.,” - said the supervisor of our team, lecturer Armen Andreasyan.

Source(s): YSU