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Jun 13, 2016

The Rise of Hiking Culture in Armenia

Gather everything you need in your backpack: food, clothes, probably a tent, and definitely don’t forget your adventurous spirit—We are going hiking in Armenia!

Usually, when speaking of Armenia, the mountainous landscape is the first thing that most Armenians both inside and outside the country think of. Armenia is very rich in hills and rocks, each of which presents a big challenge for any climber. With its sometimes harsh climate, the Armenian nature is a great place for those who like to challenge themselves.

Among the most famous mountaintops in Armenia, we can mention:

  • Achkasar (3196m)
  • Ajdahak (3597m)
  • Aragats, the highest peak in Armenia (4090m)
  • Bovaqar (3019m)
  • Eznasar (2442m)
  • Geghasar (3443m)
  • Gomshasar (3725m)
  • Hatis (2528m)
  • Khustup (3202m)
  • Lalvar (2544m)
  • Mets Ishkhanasar (3550m)
  • Miapor (2339m)
  • Spitakasar (3555m)
  • Teghenis (2851m)
  • Tejler (3101m)
  • Tschuk (3584m)
  • Tsrasar (3616m)
  • Ukhtasar (3594m)
  • Vardenis (3521m)

The list, however, doesn’t stop here and neither do the mountains! The Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation regularly organizes hiking and climbing activities with specially trained members. Everyone can take part in these activities, but before that, a long training is organized to prepare the prospective hikers for the possible dangers and difficulties. After the trainers make sure the person is ready physically and psychologically, he or she is permitted to conquer the next peak with the trainers. There are no limitations, except for physical conditions. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, profession, or race, can join the team.

But the story isn’t over here yet! High-tech has a part to play, even on hiking! HIKEArmenia is a highly useful and informative app that helps you have an unforgettable hiking experience in Armenia. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. What’s exciting about using this app is that it shows the marked hiking trails, lets hikers get in touch with local guides, and share their experiences. The app also has a review section for each trail, including user reviews, guide reviews, trail difficulty ranking, accommodation options nearby, possibility to work offline, a compass, and even weather forecasts! What else do you need for a secure hike?

Generally speaking, hiking is just like living. Every day, no matter who you are, you face difficulties. No one said life is easy or that you have to win all the time. Sometimes you fall and feel like you’re stuck, so you lose hope. But if you have enough will, the power to get back on top will come naturally. All you need to keep in mind is that even though the climb is tough, the view from the top is worth it.