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Jul 3, 2017

Summer Tech Camps for Budding Armenian Programmers

A tech summer awaits for teens in Armenia. Throughout the season, several summer tech camps offer Armenian kids and teens exceptional learning experiences in fun, dynamic and nurturing environments.

Currently, not one, but two summer camps are organized by Union of IT Enterprises (UITE) running from June 29 to July 8. Both camps offer tons of summer fun, along with some of the world’s best tech education.

DigiCamp and Armath summer camps are hosted at a camping resort in scenic Armenian countryside. Both camp experiences combine high quality tech classes with physical activity such as hiking in green mountains, crossing hillside brooks and visiting centuries-old monasteries with breathtaking architecture.


For the 5th summer, UITE is organizing DigiCamp, an IT and tech summer program for 14-17 year-olds with innovative ideas. During ten days, 46 campers will receive a hands-on training in idea generation, business development, AI, Android, iOS, optics and more to help turn their innovative ideas into successful startups.

The camp program also includes first aid, life skills, alpinism, and folk dances! “All participants are highly motivated and hard working,” said Asya Sepkhanyan, DigiCamp Project Manager to Why Armenia, adding that the participants have already voted for seven best innovative tech ideas to compete for final awards.

Campers will also attend lectures and presentations by Armenia’s most innovative IT companies and hear their success stories.

At the end of DigiCamp, authors of three of the best innovative ideas will receive awards.


Camp For the second summer in a row, 10-13 year-olds from Armenia and Armenian communities from all over the world are gathering in Armenian countryside for a summer youth program.

Over 300 participants of Armath camp will spend ten days working in teams and learning robotics, coding, game design, web design, app development and more. At the end of the summer camp, participants will build line-tracking robots and the best teams will receive awards.

“The campers are excited to be working in teams, getting to know other teens interested in tech and robotics and share experiences,” said Avag Sayan, Armath Camp Manager to Why Armenia.