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Nov 14, 2016

Smarter and Smarter: Smarter Armenia Hackathon 16 Winners are Known!

We already know the names of the winners of Smarter Armenia Hackathon 2016 organized by IBM, ISTC, and USAID! Having taken place from November 11 to November 12, the contest presented several aims and opportunities for the participants. The main spheres the hackathon covered were healthcare, telecommunication and finance. What’s even more exciting for the participants is that they could get acquainted with IBM Bluemix cloud services and IBM Watson and also use them. These technologies helped them come up with even more innovative solutions and reinforcements for the existing ones.

The members of the jury were the representatives of GNC – Alpha (Rostelecom Armenia), Ardshinbank, Ingo Armenia insurance company, IBM and Granatus Ventures.

As reports, the winners are the following:

-    Best Solution in Telecommunications – presented to Triple-E team with a cash award of USD 1000 (sponsored by Rostelecom);

-    Best Solution in Finance – presented to Finely team with a cash award of USD1000 (sponsored by Ardshinbank);

-    Best Solution in Healthcare – presented to Yamaka team with a cash award of USD 1000 (jointly sponsored by Ingo Armenia Insurance and the Enterprise Incubator Foundation);

-    Special prize for the most innovative solution with IBM Bluemix – presented to ArmSol team with a cash award of USD 500 (sponsored by ISTC);

-    Special prize for the best app of IBM Watson and Bluemix– Worst ever and ArmSol teams will be nominated for IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and receive IBM Cloud usage credits up to the equivalent of USD 120 000.

Each of the winning teams is a group of young potentials, ready to uncover themselves fully if afforded the opportunity. Smarter Armenia Hackathon 16 was one of those great chances, which allowed them to join their innovative thinking with ultra-modern tech solutions and to come up with results, which are useful and valuable.  


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