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Dec 28, 2016

Six Ways to Spend the Winter Holiday in Armenia

I can hear jingles already. Do you know what that means? You got it right, Christmas is near (or for students, finals are almost over). The Christmas holiday in Armenia lasts for one week for professionals and for about one month for students. What shall one do with this free time? We prepared a list for you to help you make the most out of your break! Let’s have a look!

1. Spend two days in Tsaghkadzor

A nice getaway is the perfect way to release the stress of finals and work. The best way to go to Dzaghgatzor is to go with a group, either family or friends, and forget about your regular life. Extreme lovers may ski or snowboard, but if you are not good at any of these sports, don’t worry: you can always ride on a sled or build a snowman. The purpose of a trip to the mountains is to enjoy each other’s company.

2. Go Ice Skating

If you are a resident in Yerevan and would like to feel the extreme that winter offers but do not want to spend time on the road, then ice skating is the best solution for you. You have two options in Yerevan: either go to the frozen Swan Lake in the center of the capital or the ice skating blabla in Hamalir. If you fear falling and embarrass yourself, don’t worry, this is a part of the learning process which is really fun. Make sure to go with your friends to record some funny videos of you trying to get up after you fall!

3. Climb up the stairs of Cascade
Source: Yerevan Municipality

Yerevan is on ice! What are you waiting for? Wear a thick jacket and put on some good boots and climb up the stairs of Cascade. Is it tiring? Yes, but the view is worth it! You will get to see Yerevan covered with snow. After walking down the stairs, reward yourself with a hot beverage from any of the kiosks available on the sidewalks in the center.

4. Read a book in a cozy café
Source: Aperitivo Yerevan

Let’s face it: some of us have been waiting for the holidays just to relax as much as possible (or some of us are just lazy). For these kind of people, reading a good book in a cozy café is the best way to spend a snowy day. Take the book that you have always wanted to read and head to Artbridge, a café/bookstore that offers the best atmosphere for bookworms. If you don’t have a book to read, you can always buy one at their entrance door on your left!

5. Play board games
Source: AEON

Differences in schedules is what makes people crazy when they try to meet their loved ones. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to hold reunions. This year, what about gathering with your friends in aeon and play board games? At aeon, you have a wind range of games at your disposal, so whether you like to play chess or monopoly, everyone can have a great time there!

6. Have a cookie decorating party
Source: Malocco

What do Christmas and food have in common? They bring people together. So to lift up the Christmas spirit in your social circle, invite your loved ones to bake and decorate cookies with you. Anyone can join: from your cute nephew to you loving grandmother, baking is an all-time favorite activity for all ages.

Whether you like outdoor activities or enjoy some good times with friends in a closed area, Armenia during Christmas holidays will surely give you a good time!