Register property in Armenia

Armenian Innovation

Mar 2, 2017

Register an Asset in Armenia in Just 7 Days

Armenia ranks 13th in the Registering Property Index published by the World Bank Group! Registering a property in Armenia is a matter of just 7 days!

Registering a property generally means going through endless procedures and time-consuming paperwork. Sounds boring, right? But wait until you know the time needed to register a property in Armenia: 7 days only!  The number of procedures, 3 to be exact, need 1 week to be completed. 

Let's have a look at how other countries are performing: 
United States: 36th rank - 15.2 days 
United Kingdom: 47th rank - 21.5 days
Germany: 79th rank - 52 days

So, what's your next destination for registering a property?