IT News

Mar 10, 2017

PM Gets Acquainted with Synopsis Armenia, Volo Companies’ Projects

Yesterday Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan visited Synopsis Armenia company headquarters. The Head of Government toured the IT leader’s academic and industrial facilities getting acquainted with the ongoing and future programs and new initiatives for the development of the IT sector.

The company executives gave details of the enterprise-university partnership model-based educational program, which is implemented in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Armenia with a view to providing the domestic labor market with highly skilled graduates

The company is also working with the YSU, the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University and the European Regional Academy. It was noted that most of the graduates and students are working for the company, in addition to scientific research and start-up programs.


The Prime Minister was briefed on Synopsis Armenia’s current activities, achievements and future plans. The Premier talked to the students and employees about their achievements and welcomed the use of new ideas and approaches.

During the consultative meeting that followed, the parties discussed the implementation of new programs in the IT sector, further growth of the industry, trends in the field, the characteristics of the market and the preparation of highly qualified specialists, organizing the educational process and issues related to the establishment of a technological university in our country.

Highlighting the development of the IT sector, the Prime Minister suggested developing a comprehensive action plan with clear-cut functions and tasks for the State and the private sector. The program is expected to be discussed in the government in the near future.

Prime Minister Karapetyan next visited Volo, another leading IT company, where he got acquainted with the Company’s business activities, achievements and development programs. Founded as early as in 2006, Volo specializes in innovative solutions for business (finance, telecommunications, energy, etc.).

The Company employs around 140 specialists who are developing modern concepts of cyber security, mobile applications and a variety of other activities. Volo has ISO 27001 and ISO-9001:2008 certificate and is a Microsoft Gold Partner.