Urban Living

Oct 20, 2016

Life in One of the Safest Countries on the Planet

-Where are you from?
-No, Armenia…
-No, Armenia, a small country in the Caucasus…
-Caucasus? Is that even safe?

   Sounds scary, right? In fact, most people who have never heard of Armenia would think that safety would be a number one issue for its population, especially if they know a couple of things about the political situation of the region. But get ready to be surprised, because Armenia, one of the smallest countries in the world, is also one of the safest!

   And that’s not an ethnocentric statement declared by a nationalist retiree, but it’s been proven by official statistics! So let’s take a quick look at a few figures:

  1. 25th is the rank of Armenia in the recent Crime Index of Countries 2016 report compiled by Numbeo. In Crime Index for Country 2016 Mid Year, Armenia fared even better as the 20th (rated as "very low”)! 

    89.17% is the rate of safety of walking alone in daylight
    72.58% is the rate of safety of walking alone at night. The overall quality of life index is “High” at 112.24, according to Numbeo.

  2. 17th is the rank of Armenia for Economic Freedom in The Human Freedom Index compiled by the Cato Institute. Overall, Armenia is at 53rd place among 152 countries.

  3. 9th is the rank of Armenia in Gallup’s Law and Order Index (in the section for former Soviet Union countries), which includes 141 countries overall.

    82% of citizens feel quite safe walking home alone at night.

  4. 116th is the rank of Armenia in the Global Terrorism Index 2015, a list of 162 of the world’s most dangerous countries published by the Institute for Economics and Peace in London. 

  5. 76% of Armenians absolutely trust their army, according to a Gallup survey. Since the political situation on the borders of Nagorno Karabagh is one of the major causes for doubting security and safety in Armenia, this is another statistic to prove the contrary.  

So yes, life in Armenia flows in a safe, tiny, and sunny spot. The day of Armenians starts with the bright sun greeting them in the morning, the smell of black coffee spreading everywhere, and everyone from schoolchildren to officials doing their everyday work, feeling absolutely safe about their lives.