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Jan 18, 2017

How to Stay Fit While on Business in Yerevan

Doing business and keeping fit seem to be unrelated topics unrelated at first glance. However, if you think deeper, you might find a connection. (If you’re still in doubt, we’ll manage to convince you now!)

Imagine that you’re doing business in a foreign country where the gyms and sports clubs you’re used to in your native country are not available. There might be a moment when you finally have some leisure time for yourself and want to burn some calories. You might want that especially after a couple of business dinners, because in Armenia, for example, you might find plenty of places where you can have a heavy meal.

So what should you do? We’ll tell you. If you happen to be on a business trip to Armenia, then don’t worry: you’ll have a range of activities to enjoy, some of which don’t even require a registration at a gym or a sports club.

Here’s our list:

1. Walk the stairs of Cascade
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Are you ready for this challenge? If so, you’ll be walking 572 stairs up a height of 991 feet! As a bonus, you’ll see wonderful exemplars of art from the Cafesjian Center of Arts on each floor you reach. This can be a pretty cool workout for you if you don’t feel like finding a gym.

2. Rent a bike

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In Yerevan, you can find a lot of places where you can rent a bike and just travel through the city by bike. The city planning allows for that, and what’s better, there are even specially marked paths for cyclists in the city center.

3. Join Yerevan Half Marathon

Image credit: Yerevan Half Marathon

This is another non-standard alternative to try. They organize marathons and interesting running activities for those who give their vote to running.

4. Join a sports club

Image credit: Wrestling Federation of Armenia

For professionals or those who consider sports as more than gym workouts, there are many sports federations, like the federations for Martial Arts, Athletics, Gymnastics, Boxing, Wrestling, and so on. Anyone who has potential and, more importantly, a desire to commit to any of these sports can find the necessary guidance, equipment, and people who will facilitate the learning and self-perfecting process. And those people are not few. It’s not uncommon for Armenian sportsmen to return from international championships with a bunch of medals.

5. Find a gym

Image credit: Gold's Gym

For fans of daily exercise and workouts, there are more than a dozen sports complexes and gyms, with quite a large variety depending mostly on visitors’ preferences and their location. What’s great about these complexes is that they’re not only in the city center, but also distributed throughout other regions.

Modern trends also influence Yerevan. Street workout enthusiasts would not be alone in Yerevan: Street Workout Federation, a comparably new sports hub in Armenia, is very active. They organize sports events and competitions, which can sometimes be quite large-scale, such as their Street Workout Challenge. At the third annual Challenge in 2016, the special guest was world-class athlete Mike Bigiman, the leader of Motivation Workout Amsterdam (Netherlands). The event aims to promote street workout and a healthy lifestyle. 

So, if you want to keep fit and go on with your daily activities, little Armenia can provide you with big opportunities to pursue your sports interests, combining them with your everyday schedule perfectly. 

Cover image credit: Street Workout Armavir