IT News

Feb 1, 2017

First Cyber Security Contest to be Held in Armenia

Capture the Flag (CTF EVN), the first cyber security contest in Armenia will soon be held in Yerevan. The organizers of the event are Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), 1guard Security company and Microsoft Armenia in cooperation with Monitis and ISTC Innovative Solution & Technologies Center.

The contest, the aim of which is to raise the interest for cyber security in Armenia, will be held on February 4th, in ISTC. In the scope of the contest the participants will be provided with servers which they will need to hack. Since the contest is of educating type, there will be hints for all the problems and information about the tools.

Capture the Flag is open for everyone. Both individual and team applications are accepted. The best participants will receive prizes. Additional information about the contest and the registration form can be found here.