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Dec 2, 2016

Eight Ways to Make Your Kid’s Day an Adventure in Yerevan

Keeping kids entertained is not an easy task, but not in Armenia. We have listed for you all the activities that your kids can enjoy here. Let’s have a look!

1. Kino Park Cinema
Source: Kino Park

Nothing is sweeter than hearing children laughing, especially when it’s your children. To make them laugh and to wake up the child inside you, you need a good animated movie. Kino Park, located in Yerevan Mall, is the perfect movie theatre where you and your little munchkin can enjoy a high-quality sound system and comfortable seating. The atmosphere is very welcome and friendly.

2. Yerevan Puppet Theatre
Source: Yerevan Puppet Theatre

Children are incredibly creative. They believe in fairy tales and fantastic creatures because life seems boring to them. Maybe deep down they know that such things do not exist, but they choose to believe that under the boring brown coat that covers life, magic and wonders exist. The puppet theater nurtures the imagination of children through theaters about fairies, talking animals and magical stories!

3. Sand Castle
Source: Sand Castle

Who said we need to go to the beach to play with sand? Thanks to the psychologist Karine Harutyunyan who founded “Sand Castle”, kids can now play with sand whenever they want. The point of this center is to relax children with sand painting; an activity that develops motor skills and memory. “Sand Castle” is the perfect destination, especially in winter: it’s indoor and reminds its visitors of summer; a sunny feeling that the residents of Armenia need to get through the gloomy Armenian winter.

4. Play City
Source: Play City

At Play City, kids of all ages have a whole range of fun activities at their disposal. They can choose bowling or playing billiards. They can challenge each other while karting, playing paint ball or riding a bumper car. For younger children they can enjoy nice weather in the green play zone and, if it’s rainy, they can still play the arcade games.

5. Tumanyan Park

No matter how much advice child psychologists give on how to raise children, nothing beats letting your children loose in nature. Tumanyan Park, one of the best parks in Yerevan, is the perfect place to let your children reconnect with nature and be themselves. You can always bring a picnic blanket with you along with some snacks and enjoy the spring breeze and the sunlight in summer.

6. “Junior Archeologist’s” school


For curious children who keep asking questions and want to know everything about everything, then “Junior Archeologist’s” school can satisfy their curiosity.  The project is conducted by the “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve. Participants attend a 2-week theory course and then put the theory into practice by taking part in excavations which also last for 2 weeks. At the end of the course, all the participants receive certificates.

7. Frozen Swan Lake

Snow is falling, all around you, children playing and having fun! The winter here is the same as the ones you see in movies: lots and lots of snow. Snow could be a major bummer for children especially during winter break where they have nothing to do and they can’t go anywhere. So what to do when there’s snow everywhere? Take them ice-skating on the frozen Swan Lake!

8. Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Centre
Source: Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Centre

Hyperactive children are usually easily bored with regular kids’ places and typical toys. What might pique their interest is the Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Centre, where they can ride horses or take equestrian courses. Animals are also stress-relievers, so super energetic children will start to calm down the more they spend time with horses at the center.

The activities that are listed constitute a small part of all the entertaining activities in Armenia that kids can engage in. We know how to keep it fun!