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Jan 27, 2017

Discover the Amazing World Cuisine in Tiny Yerevan (Part 2)

 Continued (find part 1 here)
German cuisine

Image credit: Paulaner

Thüringer Bratwurst

The fans of German cuisine as well as visitors from Germany may find a cozy and native place in Yerevan, thanks to national German restaurants like Bratwurst. Here you may have delicious German sausages prepared by skillful German specialist. 


Paulaner is another great place for those who want to try out German cuisine not traveling to Germany. The menu is even more diverse here, from German dishes to types of sausages and steaks. In addition to these you may also enjoy German beer and delicious desserts.

Austrian cuisine

Vienna Ribs

Vienna ribs
Image credit: Vienna Ribs

Austrian cuisine also has its representative in Yerevan. Vienna Ribs is all about the yummiest Austrian delicacies. From meat dishes to sausages and beer, cozy atmosphere and professional stuff trying their best to make the visitors feel comfortable. 

Italian cuisine

La Cucina

Image credit: La Cucina

Italians are often compared with Armenians in terms of hot temper. This is reflected in cuisine, too. In order to find the most iconic Italian dishes in one place, you may visit La Cucina, a place where delicious meals from all the regions of Italy come matched with just as flavorsome wine.


Image credit: Oliva

From appetizers to dessert all set in a cozy atmosphere, Oliva restaurant will offer everything you need to feel yourself in a tiny little Italian corner with the best dishes out of the 3000 coming from different regions of Italy.

Bellavista Italia

Bellavista Italia
Image credit: Bellavista Italia

Bellavista Italia is the next Italian corner in Yerevan where you may feel the Italian spirit due to the most popular and yummy Italian dishes including a variety of pasta, dishes with meat, wine and what’s especially alluring for smokers, a collection of Toscano cigars. 

 French cuisine

Louis Charden

louis chardenImage credit: Louis Charden

Love is in the air! The story of Louis Charden tells of the innocent love of Louis and Anne. Louis fell in love with Anne and opening his bakery, devoted all his delicious masterpieces to his first love. Keeping this romantic feel alive, Louis Charden restaurant is always there to secure your romantic evening with super delicious and professionally cooked meals. 


Image credit: Brioche

Brioche is another place for tasting the alluring meals prepared with the best traditions of French cuisine. The bakery products you’ll find here will surely make you come back! 

La Petite Provence

la petite provence
Image credit: La Petite Provence

La Petite Provence is an ideal place for those gourmands of French cuisine who want to taste the tastiest French dishes from the professional and skillful chefs. Accompanied with authentic French wine, these servings will not leave any space for regret for choosing this restaurant.