Armenian Innovation

May 18, 2017

DarmanTest Laboratories: the Pioneer of Bio-equivalence Studies in Armenia and the Entire Region

Offering its services to generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide, DarmanTest Laboratories is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Bio-Equivalence and Analytical Studies. DarmanTest maintains and confirms to the highest level of standards required by the U.S. and European regulatory agencies. To find out more, we talked to Berj Bahtiarian from DarmanTest Laboratories.

 WA: Tell us a bit about your activities.

DarmanTest Laboratories is a Contract Research Organization that specializes in Pharmaceutical Drug Testing, e.g.: Bioequivalence Studies and Clinical Trials.  Our customers are U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies.  Our interest is to bring their research and development and studies to Armenia.  This is a relatively new enterprise for Armenia and our goal is to try to establish Armenia as a center for this type of research and development.

WA: What plans do you have for the future?

We are already in discussions to expand our facility by adding an additional 1,350 sq. m., bringing in more work and to possibly expand into the Middle East by bringing their studies to Armenia.  In addition, we are working with the RA Government for the adoption of international regulatory guidance, to make Armenia accepted and accredited by the European and American pharma regulatory agencies.

WA: How about working with Armenians? Is there anything special you can mention regarding the Armenian working style?

Since our work is with the United States and Europe, we train our employees to learn and understand the international regulatory guidance required in our work sphere.  In addition, there have been some cultural and working style differences.  To that end, we have established internship programs with the universities, working with their graduating Masters students. We train them on our requirements and upon graduation hire the best the best.  This has been a very successful program for us and want to give the youth every opportunity to excel in their chosen field.