IT News

Jan 19, 2017

Armenian Startup, Earlyone Revolutionizes the Way People Queue in Armenia!

Earlyone is an Armenian startup project, developed by Limetech IT company. Initially, it was one of the major ways of queue management at many banks and mobile operator service centers as well as many governmental institutions. Now, the project has been renovated, with Earlyone being integrated into smartphones as apps available for iOS and Android for free.

The principle of the app is that you can find the place you’re about to go to on your smartphone, book an hour and thus secure your place in the possible queue just visiting the place at the right hour and being served without standing in the line. As soon as you arrive, you need to confirm your presence on the special terminal and get your ticket printed. The app’s interface is available in three languages. In addition to this, if the queue at a certain place is already too big, the app also suggests you to pick another hour for a visit. Plus, if you don’t find your office among those available on the app, you can suggest adding it.

Prometey Bank, InecoBank, ArmEconomBank, as well as Finca, Kamurj and Global Credit credit organizations, Onex, and the State Committee of Real Property Cadastre of the Government of the Republic of Armenia are already collaborating with Earlyone.

As the director of Limetech noted, the main aim of the app is ridding people of the queues and not just managing them.

Earlyone has been recognized as the best Armenian startup in SeedStars and Eurassia Mobile Challenge competitions in Armenia and will represent Armenia at the international phases of those competitions.