Armenian Innovation

Feb 21, 2017

Armenian Innovation Hits the World

Starting from scratch. This is what the Armenians, who try to keep the flame of innovation burning bright, have to do nowadays. And they actually seem to accept the challenge pretty proudly. Let’s have a quick look at a few examples of how they imagine the reinvention and continuation of innovative traditions of the Armenian gene.

Armenian team in National Robotics Challenge
Image credit: AYB

The young and extremely ingenious teenagers from AYB high school in Yerevan won the second place in the National Robotics Challenge 2016 contest taking place in Marion, Ohio, USA. The contest included over 1300 participants with more than 400 robots presented. The tech specialists, the teachers and the visitors were all impressed by the Sumo robot created by the Armenian team.

Image credit: Shadowmatic

Another impressive victory has been marked by Shadowmatic app, created by Triada Studio based in Armenia. The game has won the Best Technical Achievement and People's Choice Award prizes at the 12th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA). It has also won the Apple Design Award WWDC 2015, Indie Price Best Game Art Casual Connect 2016, Excellence in Visual Art Award DevGamm 2015, Media Choice Award DevGamm 2015, Best of 2015 App Store Award and Editor’s Choice App Store Award.

Image credit: Codefights

One more noteworthy achievement by Armenians is CodeFights, which helps such great companies as DropBox and Uber to have a better understanding of the candidates that apply for their vacancies. Uber uses CodeFights to create mini battles between the candidates and UberBots which aim at challenging the candidates with specific tasks and specializations to find the right people. CodeFights creates all the necessary conditions for making that happen.

Anya Pogharian’s Dialysave
Image credit:

In the medical sphere the Armenian youth also has its say. It was back in 2015 that the medical world got acquainted with a 17-year-old girl, who managed to create a prototype of a dialysis machine. Her amazing invention, Dialysave, has even caught the attention of the former US president Bill Clinton in the framework of Clinton Foundation Health Matters Summit. If the things go well, the diabetes patients will have the chance to go through the unpleasant procedure of filtering blood in 25 minutes instead of the long 4 hours! Dialisave costs for about $30,000 and what’s amazing is that Anya Pogharian’s prototype costed $500 all in all!

Image credit: Yecup

Finally, in order to ease the life of youngsters involved in any sphere from sports to tech and arts, a group of young Armenians created the Yecup, the first wireless smart mug allowing the users to adjust the temperature from hot to cold and back with the help of the smartphone app, to charge the smartphone three times a day, and to have the same temperature of any drink throughout the day! Shortly after becoming available in the market, the Yecup smart mug became the best crowdfunding project of the week on Indiegogo.

So go on discovering the hidden potential of Armenians and never underestimate any tiny country in any sphere. Sometimes it’s the smallest chests that hold the biggest treasure.