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Feb 6, 2017

Armenia: Your Next Thrilling Cycling Destination

The world is so much more beautiful if you discover it while cycling! Our planet has so many gorgeous places to explore, yet most of them remain undiscovered. Armenia, one of the tiniest countries on the map, is one of those destinations. Few people and cyclists know about it, but the ones who do have had some of their most memorable experiences here.

In fact, many cyclists have visited Armenia already, and you can already find their feedback and travel stories, with detailed descriptions and magnificent images. From here, all you need to get started is an adventurous spirit and the willingness to discover a little world with huge contrasts.

Once in Yerevan, if you happen to have any problems with your bike, there are several reputable bike stores that can help you. DLB is one of these stores, and is an authorized representative of specialized bike brands in Armenia. My Bike is another big bike store in Yerevan, which represents Trek, Cube, Giant, Totem, and Salcano bike brands. Apart from selling bikes, these stores also offer services for bike repairs or purchasing replacement parts.

If you would like to meet local cyclists, you can turn to Velo Club, where cyclists meet regularly, organize trips, and participate in various events together.

If you do decide to cycle around Armenia, you will find an incredible mixture of post-Soviet artifacts in remote areas, hospitable people (especially in the countryside), gorgeous nature, and at times, challenging hills that your path might cross. In the summer, hot weather might also follow you on your journey.

So don’t hesitate to visit Armenia for your next cycling challenge. We’re almost sure that after you leave, you’ll want to come back here again! 

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