Armenian Innovation

Mar 20, 2018

Anna Srapionyan: The Language of Writing the Universe

MathArt is a joint project by Mediamax and Volo highlighting the talents developing Mathematics in Armenia. 

In this article, Anna Srapionyan, a PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics at Cornell University, talks about Armenia's advantages in mathematics and  the important role FAST (Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology) is playing in the development of mathematics in Armenia:

"When you immerse in mathematics, you bring the mathematical mentality into your everyday life whether you want it or not. After having studied math for a while, I began to rely on my logic more often. Everything becomes a theorem and you start proving it or denying it. I also noticed that mathematicians are more strategic and it is easier for us to perceive abstract concepts. I would even go so far as to say that very often we prefer the abstract to simpler and easier concrete examples."

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