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Nov 18, 2016

A Weekend in the Life of an Armenian Developer

Planning a weekend can sometimes be tricky. Though for some people, the ideal weekend is lying on the couch in front of the TV, many others go through a ritual process of researching, discovering, and picking a new activity for the weekend. A couch is a couch everywhere, whether it’s one placed in a cozy apartment in Paris or nested in the arms of the lushest sun near the seaside. However, if you don’t think of this type of rest for the weekend, the Armenian weekend can become a good source of inspiration for you, especially for IT people.

So, if you put yourself in the shoes of an IT guy working and living in Armenia, here’s what you can possibly opt for when planning your weekend.

1. Have fun visiting a wine bar

Image credit: Wine Republic

Yes, Yerevan with its 227 sq. km is rather small compared to other European capitals, but you may discover some hidden treasures, including charming places where you can enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of delicious wine. In the majority of such places, you’ll find good quality at a reasonable price.

For instance, you may go to Jean-Paul Existential Café and order something from the vast list of drinks. The café opens at 7 p.m. and offers a great and friendly environment for solo evenings and/or gatherings.

Navavar (Sea captain) is another great spot for you, especially if you imagine your ideal weekend with your friends or family. Specialized in fish, the café also offers a great variety of drinks to accompany your lunch or dinner.

Wine Republic is another “capital for wine” with the motto "Wine and dine, live happily." You may also give it a chance to surprise you with its menu of wines and dishes.

If you like Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish/Basque, and Tapas Bars, then Tapastan is also a good spot to consider. It offers Spanish Tapas, Venetian Cicchetti, Basque Pintxos, and Armenian Patarner. The drinks are in there as well, of course.

If you would also like to buy a bottle of wine after having a drink, you may visit Enoteca EVN, where you’ll find wines from the Old and the New World.

In Vino, a specialty wine shop and bar, offers a wide range of wines from leading wine-making countries of the world. So you may also visit the people for whom “wine is not only a beverage. It’s a relationship with philosophy and history of the land where it was made.”

2. Have a picnic day in a park

Image credit: Picnic

Even though many of the parks in Yerevan are designed for walking, some of them are picnic-friendly. The Tumanyan Park and English Park, both located in the city center, can become your next stop for a pleasant picnic weekend with your family. There, you will see lots of young people enjoying the day on the lawn under the ardent sun.

3. Go to the movies


Did you know that teeny-tiny Yerevan has 5 great cinemas? Well, yes. Two of them, Moscow and Nairi, are located in the heart of the city and are some of the oldest but renovated cinemas in Yerevan. On the other hand, CinemaStar and KinoPark are brand new movie theaters located in two of the biggest shopping centers of Yerevan, offering an impressive movie-watching experience. If you happen to be in Malatia-Sebastia district, which is just a little far from the city center, you may also visit Hayastan cinema, which offers no less quality service and fun!

So, here were just a few examples of what you can do if your nearest weekend is planned in Yerevan. However, if you want to spend your weekend outside of the capital, then it’s a totally different story. The wonderful nature of Armenia can uncover a whole chest of hidden treasures for you.

4. Head out for a nature adventure outside of Yerevan

Image credit: Yell Extreme Park

From sightseeing to activities like hiking and climbing, adrenaline rush is guaranteed for extreme lovers. Great destinations include the Lastiver Caves, the wonderful and challenging Mount Aragats, or the pleasant and fresh “Little Switzerland,” Dilijan, with its marvelous forests. Joining a club is an alternative for those who want to be engaged in extreme sports at a more advanced level. In Armenia, there is a hiking club, a cycling club, and what’s even more exciting, the Armenian Yell Extreme park, which allows you to go in for activities like
Ziplining, Paragliding, and Mountaineering, ready to make you yell! And for making your weekend planning even more convenient you can book the tickets for Yell Extreme Park activities online beforehand!

Nevertheless, in order to have a clear image of what these sights present, you will need more time than just the span of a weekend, so follow our reviews to discover the wonders of Armenia.