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Nov 23, 2016

13 Tech Startups from Armenia You Need to Know About in 2016

To learn more about a country, you have to look at what the natives are doing to understand what they’re interested in—this allows you to truly understand their culture. This article, found on www.techflier.com, is about Armenia’s top startups. As you go through it, you’ll find that Armenians definitely prioritize coding, art, education, and food (frankly, who doesn’t?).

Yerevan was named UNESCO World Book Capital 2012, a recognition of its programs to foster and promote knowledge. It’s therefore no wonder that many of the tech startups located in Armenia’s capital city are among the smartest and most innovative in the region.

From social hiring platforms to coding gamification solutions, the following are the top startups of 2016 originating from Yerevan, Armenia.

13. Armacad

Source: armacad.info

Armacad caters to students and learners from around the world. The platform allows users to find programs, grants, scholarships, workshops, conferences, and more on a global scale.

12. Yevista

Source: yevista.am.

Yevista is essentially an Armenian version of Yelp: the website features crowdsourced reviews of the best restaurants, cafes, banks, and other local businesses in the country.

11. EasyLunch

Source: easylunch.am.

All work and no time to eat? EasyLunch will deliver food from the best local restaurants directly to your location, no matter where you are in the city—quickly and without fuss.

10. inapptics

Source: inapptics.com.

inapptics bills itself as an all-in-one user experience tracker: the platform allows app creators to visually analyze user behavior. The solution aggregates all user interaction events and transforms them into actionable, meaningful intelligence.


Source: saltr.com.

SALTR is a platform that enables developers to customize games in real-time without having to rebuild the app. The solution supports all the major mobile and gaming platforms: iOS/Android, Unity, HTML5, and more.

8. gg

Source: ggtaxi.com.

gg is the preeminent transportation ordering app in Armenia—with just two smartphone taps, users can order a car anytime in Yerevan city. The company is currently working to expand its coverage to nearby Tbilisi, Georgia.

7. MemTalk

Source: memtalk.com.

MemTalk’s app enables users to easily turn photos into shareable memories by simultaneously recording their voices and taking snaps. The result is compelling, perfectly synced talking slideshows.

6. LinguaCode

Source: linguacode.me.

LinguaCode is a social coding platform designed for children to learn programming and share coding projects in their native language.

5. ScoreBot

Source: scorebotize.me.

ScoreBot has developed a personal bot that works inside of Facebook Messenger to deliver the latest scores from the biggest sporting events to fans.

4. PicsArt

Source: picsart.com

PicsArt has developed a mobile app for the creative editing of photos that goes beyond filters, allowing users to remix images, edit photos, create collages, and more like never before.

3. Teamable

Source: teamable.com.

Teamable is a hiring platform that matches the best and brightest talent to open positions with just a couple clicks. The company has prominent brands such as Lyft, Uber, and Oracle its marquee customers, among others.

2. Codefights

Source: codefights.com.

A bit of healthy competition goes a long way, especially when it comes to coding. Codefights helps its users become better coders by pitting their skills against friends and fellow developers.

1. Joomag

Source: joomag.com.

Joomag is an interactive platform for building digital publications such as magazines, catalogs, brochures, and more. Notable customers include Vogue, Cosmo, Bazaar, and a myriad of other household publications.

As you can see, Yerevan is home to some of the most innovative tech startups in Armenia and beyond. Furthermore, organizations such as Startup Armenia and Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) are furthering the country’s reputation for tech innovation on the global stage, so be sure to keep this city on your radar in the coming months and years.

Source(s): Techflier
Cover image credit: Serouj Ourishian / Flickr Creative Commons/techflier.com