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Feb 24, 2017

11 Cafes and Pubs to Hang Out In After a Tiring Working Day (Part II)


Art cafés

Believe it or not, drinking a cup of coffee and especially making one is art, too! When this art form meets other types of art, such as painting or literature, the pleasure tends to triple! In order to make this happen, you can visit the following interesting art cafés located in Yerevan.

Van Gogh

Image credit: Van Gogh

Open until 3 am, Van Gogh art café offers the fans of cafés and art a place to enjoy both. It offers 20 brands of whiskey, cognac, and wines from Armenia, Georgia, and Italy, with a range of delicious snacks. This café has a loyal army of visitors.

Image credit: Modigliani

As Modigliani once said, “With one eye you are looking at the outside world, while with the other you are looking within yourself.” With an ardent atmosphere and pleasant music, Modigliani café is a great place to pause and look within yourself.

Image credit: Artbridge

Artbridge is a café and an exhibition space at the same time. Here, you can see breathtaking paintings, read or buy a book, and, of course, choose something from the delicious menu. Representing the format of an art café for over 14 years, Artbridge is a famous corner for many people in Yerevan.


Out of format

Why fit in when you can stand out? In addition to the ordinary places listed above, Yerevan also has some offbeat options that have adopted the philosophy of being different.

Image credit: Aeon

The anti-café movement has its representative in Yerevan as well. If you don’t feel like going to a loud and crowded place where it’s impossible to have a conversation, then Aeon is your destination. It aims to provide its visitors a space where they can do anything they want, from playing board games to working to simply having lunch. The cookies and beverages are on the house. You just pay for the time you spend there; after all, “time is money.”

Image credit: Loft

Loft is a type of entertainment center where you also pay for the hours you spend. You can prepare food in the kitchen, attend yoga courses, have fun in the game zone, and much more. The center is open 7 days a week and is a popular place for discussions and different types of events.


That was a short list of places that can host you after a tiring working day. You may find anything you like there, from artworks intertwined with the smell of strong coffee to your favorite writers’ and painters’ works behind the steam of delicious meals. But most importantly, these are places where you can get to know your inner self and finish all the work you need to take off your to-do list. 

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