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Jan 20, 2017

Discover the Amazing World Cuisine in Tiny Yerevan (Part 1)

A well-fed man is a happy man! Many might agree, while others will say they don’t live to eat. Well, both views are actually right. But what we do suggest is to turn on your gastronomic sensors and begin discovering international cuisine thrust in the small corners of small Armenia, particularly in Yerevan. Here is a list of recommendations to get you started: 

 Asian cuisine

sushi- credit-tao
Image credit: Tao

  1. Beijing

    Yerevan has a rich repertoire of Asian food, too, with cafes where you can taste delicious and interestingly prepared sushi and much more. In Beijing, a warm and inviting restaurant in Yerevan, you can taste Chinese, Philippine, and Japanese food. Apart from the tasty dishes, you can also order national wines to match your meal.

  2. Wasabi

    For a diverse and delicious menu of sushi, sashimi, temaki, rolls, and much more, you can visit any of the comfy Wasabi Yerevan cafes. Aside from the delicious Japanese dishes, you will also be delighted with the seafood pizza and soups.

  3. Tao
    Tao is another alluring place for sushi-lovers. Here, you will find a vast menu of Pan-Asian food, including traditional rolls, sushi, salads, and drinks. The pleasant décor and ambiance will guarantee that your experience here will be unforgettable.

Middle Eastern cuisine

  1. Lebanon

    lebanon tavern
    Image credit: Lebanon

    Do you want to try some tasty Middle Eastern food? The variety is quite big, here, too. Tabuleh, hummus, mutabal, grilled halloumi, calamari, shish tawook, and falafel are all on the list of the most delicious Lebanese dishes you can find here every day. From meat gourmands to vegetarians, everyone will find many options here.

  2. Anteb

    Image credit: Anteb

    For another source of popular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, you can visit Anteb, which is a great spot to relax and enjoy delicious meals.

  3. Tantuni
    Image credit: Tantuni

    At Tantuni, you can not only enjoy traditional Middle Eastern dishes, but also the exclusive tantunis, bread rolls with a lavishly chosen mass of ingredients, such as beef, vegetables, fried potatoes, and delicious sauces.  

(Stay tuned for the next parts!).

Cover image credit: Sabroso