The Most Flexible
People on Earth

Persecution, the Silk Road, and our
mothers have taught a thing or two!

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We’ve Been Working Across Cultures For Over 6,000 Years

When two Armenians meet anywhere in the world, they create a new Armenia! Flexibility is what describes Armenians in the best way possible! On the whole path of history, from 2500 BC to our days, Armenia has been obliged to be flexible to survive!

A Culture Shaped By the Silk Road

As Armenia was on the Great Silk Road, this ancient country always had something special to offer. For centuries Armenian masters paved way to a key place in the caravan trade between the East and the West, the North and the South and in spite of the trials and ordeals imposed during the centuries, Armenia preserved its position on the Great Silk Road.

A People Shaped By Persecution

Armenians are the people who witnessed persecution, slaughter, who fought for freedom and suffered a lot, but who turned strong enough to start with new energy, zeal and joie de vivre.


We are Globally Connected From Birth

Formed throughout the centuries as a result of persecution, loss of Armenian statehood, the massacres of Armenians and the Genocide of 1915, Armenian Diaspora connects communities in more than 100 countries all over the world with a population estimated at a little more than 11 million.

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