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We’ve Been Innovating for Millennia

If there has ever been a nation of crazy inventors, Armenia is it! Armenia and Armenians have been a hub for developing some of the most ground-breaking inventions and creative solutions for over 6000 years. Yet more often then not, the world has had no clue that Armenians were behind such radical breakthroughs. Disruptive technologies like the MRI, the ATM, the color TV, the automatic transmission, and much more have been invented by Armenians.

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Armenia: Where Only 1.5% of the Soviet Population Created 30% of All Military Electronics Innovation

Armenia was the heartland of Soviet innovation. Since the early 1950s, whenever the Soviets needs radical innovation done right, they turned to Armenians. Indeed, the USSR’s most crucial scientific, R&D, and manufacturing activities in segments like mainframe and industrial computing, electronics, semiconductors, software development, high-end optics and more were greatly dependent Armenian innovators and Armenian manufacturing.

Keeping the Flame of Innovation Alive

Armenians have always been the resourceful torch bearers of the flame of creativity. The tradition of adding at least a pinch innovation to every new project is at the heart of the Armenian approach. It why, in modern Armenia, we are so very focused on developing the next generation of great Armenian innovators. As an example, by 2020 we'll have 50,000 high-school students in a multi-year, world-class robotics curriculum.


And Did We Mention That We Invented Wine?

What's a good invention if you can't sit back occasionally and enjoy it? Given that Armenians invented wine, we know a thing or two about that, as well. Even the ancient Greek philosophers Herodotus and Strabo in the 5th century BC already wrote about wonderful Armenian wine and its colourful motherland! Today, with nearly 500 native varietals, that because of Soviet limitations, were never studied by the modern wine industry, Armenia has become the next frontier for radical "new" discoveries in wine.

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