Meet Arthur Bulbulian: the pioneer of the A-14 oxygen mask for the United States Air Force.

Armenian Innovation

Mar 17, 2017

#WhyArmenia: Arthur Bulbulian

Flying at a high altitude is possible thanks to Arthur Bulbulian’s A-14 oxygen mask!

Arthur Bulbulian, an Armenian pioneer in the field of facial prosthetics, invented the famous A-14 aviation mask which was designed for the United States Air Force.The main objects of this invention were to provide aviators with a mask that will allow them to breathe oxygen and to protect them from freezing atmospheres.  

What makes it special is that it is an all-in-one mask, meaning that it allowed its users to perform several tasks while wearing it: the A-14 included a microphone for radio communication, and allowed the pilot to talk and eat while wearing it.

Since there is not enough oxygen for us to breathe at high altitudes, this aviation mask made it possible to fly higher!