Armenian Innovation

May 31, 2017

Volterman wallet is always with the owner

Armenian-based Volterman startup has developed a smart wallet, which gives the opportunity to secure your wallet and easily find it in case of losing. 

Azat Tovmasyan, the founder of Volterman, told in an interview to Banks.am that the team involved 4 members and total 30 volunteers working on the project. 

“The smart wallet has 5 key functions. Power Bank allows charging your mobile phone up to 100%. Whenever your wallet and mobile phone are apart, Bluetooth Alarm function signals the information from one device to the other. That is to say, your mobile phone will notify you once forget your wallet somewhere and vice versa. If your wallet has been stolen and you missed the notification, Global GPS Tracker allows you to see through online map (throughout the globe) where the wallet is at certain period of time, while identifying where the thief is running,” said Azat Tovamsyan, introducing the functions of the wallet.

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