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Jun 27, 2017

Summer in Armenia: Mulberry Season!

A walk in Yerevan and other cities throughout Armenia will take you across plenty of huge mulberry trees lining the streets, peeping their heads over yards, or providing cool shade at the parks. Covered with large leaves with a rich green color and sweet fruits that fall on the ground as they ripen, mulberry trees are a favorite in Armenia. Stopping to enjoy the delicious berries — either by hand-picking them from lower branches, shaking the tree, or even climbing on one — is a big part of fun in the summer.

In Yerevan and throughout the country, mulberry trees bear sweet berries that vary in size and color, from white to purple to black. Mulberries start to ripen in the early summer and continue to grow until the end of the season.

While in Armenia, you can have some of the best mulberries — the fruit is fleshy, fragrant, sweet, and loaded with vitamins. If you can’t get enough mulberries from the streets, head to the marketplaces, where they are sold in abundance. Look for fleshy, unbruised berries with an appetizing fragrance – pick the ones that feel heavy in your hand.

There is a rich traditional culinary culture in Armenia around mulberries — enough to dedicate an entire festival just to them. If you happen to be in Armenia during the summer, check the local events calendar and head to a mulberry festival.

This year, on July 1st, make sure to visit the Mulberry Festival in Goris, a picturesque town in the south of Armenia. The Mulberry Festival is an annual event, already a favorite of locals and tourists alike. There, you can enjoy all types of the freshest mulberries and purchase mulberry jam, syrup, and vodka, as well as dried mulberries and other produce directly from farmers.

This year’s event will offer some unique cultural entertainment, such as folk music and dance performances, a flea market, and local food. It will also feature the traditional process of distilling vodka from mulberries.

So, save the date, be a guest at the Mulberry Festival in Goris, and explore more tastes and sounds of Armenia.

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