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Apr 7, 2017

Smarter Transportation Data Hackathon Accepts Applications!

With today’s advanced information technology, a massive amount of transportation-related data has been generated continuously through traffic sensors, fare gates, smart phones, social media and so on. Meaningful use of these data can greatly benefit every stakeholder, including transportation agencies, urban planners, policy makers, commuters and most importantly, the society. The utilization of these data is, however, limited by inadequate understanding of how the data can be used; lack of data integration across businesses and organizations; and incompetence to handle complexity of the data.

Optym Armenia has coordinated effort to address transportation challenge, seeing the need to encourage innovative use of transportation-related data and demonstrate its impacts to the public.

Optym Armenia, EIF and ISTC invite you on April 15-16 to the Smarter Transportation Data Hackathon which is an effective way to attract talents to unleash their creativity and collaboratively develop applications, visualizations, or information graphics within a very short time. Developers, designers and entrepreneurs bring your ideas, and see how far you can take them in 24 hours.

The event is organized with support of Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Republic of Armenia

During the first day of the Hackathon April 15 we will have several Smart Talks on Transportationfrom leading specialists in the field. We will publish the full agenda and details shortly!

Teams are required to attend the mandatory April 15th Hackathon kickoff at 11:00. The Hackathon will last 24 hours the participants will be provided with foods and drinks!! On April 16th mandatory attendance will also be required for teams from 11:30 am to the end of the award ceremony 6:00 pm.



4000 USD – The most innovative solution

2500 USD – The best business concept/idea

1500 USD – The most valuable solution for Armenia

Participants, preferably in a team of 2 to 4 with different skill sets, should develop a project using data sets that are publicly available or provided by Optym, and GGTaxi. A project can be, but not limited to, the following:

  • A mobile application that provides useful (real-time) transportation-related information and/or makes daily commutes a better experience.
  • A visualization (application) that highlights key information from complex data set(s) and facilitates understanding of transportation system performance or transportation demand.
  • An information graphic (tables, charts, etc.) that nicely displays interesting statistics obtained from thorough analysis and fusion of data.

The Hackathon will be live streamed and the pitching videos will be available for large public.


Deadline for the applications is 12th of April, make sure to reserve your place!