Rafael Barkhudaryan

Armenian Innovation

May 23, 2018

Rafael Barkhudaryan: The mystery of math is enticing

Mathart, a join project launched by Mediamax and Volo, continues the series of stories about the talents developing Mathematics in Armenia, and their work.

This article tells about Rafael Barkhudaryan, the head of the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Born to a family of mathematicians and physicists and inspired by stories about foremost mathematicians such as Galois, Euler, Gauss and Vinner, Rafael decided to choose math as a profession.

Based on his own experience he believes that to love mathematics you need to have good teachers and good examples of success. “I myself teach at the YSU and the American University of Armenia. The role of professors, who can instill interest in students, is very important. Otherwise you can learn simply by reading books. Everything is written in books and you can learn on your own. By the way, many have done so, but it is the ability to get students interested that matters.”

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