Extreme Living

Feb 28, 2017

AAAAAAHHHHHH?!: Parachuting and Paragliding in Armenia

Do you like flying? No, we don’t mean flying on a plane—we mean actually flying! If the answer is yes, then you will find some amazing options to try in Armenia.

Parachuting and paragliding are comparatively new extreme sports in Armenia, and they have quite a number of followers already. In fact, Armenia’s climate and natural features are ideal for both activities. The country’s mountains, gorgeous scenery, terrain that’s convenient for starting and landing after the flight, and the energizing impetus of the whole challenge provide everything necessary for an amazing adventure, be it for an afternoon or a whole vacation.

To help you get started, there are two local organizations, one for each sport, that are the most trustworthy partners for your extreme adventures. For parachuting, it’s the Parachute Sport Federation of Armenia, and for paragliding, it’s the Sky Club. The requirements for these two sports are a bit different.

For parachuting, you need to pass beginners’ training, which includes a brief health examination, as well as theoretical and practical briefings, all of which are organized a few days before the jump. On the day of the jump, your flight will last about four hours.

In the case of paragliding, however, you don’t need training, as you can get started with a tandem flight with an instructor. You just need some comfortable clothes and motivation, and you must meet the weight limit of 90 kg. The approximate duration of your flight is about 25 minutes. For those who want more than just one flight with an instructor, the Club also has a school that offers the chance for you to become a solo flier by completing the training syllabus over about two weeks. The details of the course can be found on the Sky Club website.

So, if you want, Armenia will give you the chance to fly!