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Nov 17, 2016

Armenia is in the Top Ten of Countries where it is Easiest to Start a Business!

The World Bank has recently released the 14th edition of “Doing Business”; a report that compares business regulation for domestic firms in 190 economies. It helps investors and prospective entrepreneurs to get a clearer image about the countries they are going to invest or start a business in. For those of you who are considering Armenia as your next business hub, you might want to check out the numbers of the report.

Armenia has taken over the 38th rank in terms of ease of doing business. This is largely due to the ease of starting a business (9th rank in the top ten list) and the low cost of procedures. It is worth mentioning that Armenia is the only lower middle-income economy to make the top ten. This is an achievement if we take into consideration that Armenia is a post-Soviet country. Therefore, we can conclude that Armenia is managing to recover from its soviet wounds.

Source(s): World Economic Forum, Doing Business
Image credit: World Economic Forum