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Feb 20, 2017

“ArMath” Pupils Stand out Everywhere, Even in the Army

Pupils and graduates of ''ArMath'' engineering laboratories achieve success in different fields due to their knowledge and experience. Arman Khachatryan is an example of what has just been said. He is serving in the shooting range equipped with electronic semi-automatic targets of N military unit located in the northern part of Artsakh.

From 2014 Arman Khachatryan actively participated in the work of Robotics club functioning in Vedi, of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) and was always known for his innovative and enterprising ideas, for the ability of solving problems quickly.

The official opening ceremony of the 2014 DigiTec International Technological Exhibition was performed by Jojo robot constructed by Arman and his friends. Jojo cut the red ribbon of the exhibition. Shortly afterwards, the boys of Robotics club of Vedi converted the ribbon cutting robot into a christmas tree decorating robot.

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