Armenian Innovation

Dec 12, 2017

Adam Bittlingmayer: Mathematical base is Armenia’s advantage

Mediamax and VOLO launch a joint project, MathArt. It will tell about the talents developing Mathematics in Armenia, and their work. 

Mathematics is of key value in the modern world and we hope that MathArt will help attract Armenian youngsters into that particular science.

In this article, Adam Mathias Bittlingmayer, the co-founder of Signal N company, talks about Armenia's Mathematical advantage and the country's prospects into the future of Machine Learning.

Two loves have directed Adam Mathias Bittlingmayer from Germany in two very important stages of his life: one has brought him towards machine learning and artificial intelligence and the other one – to Armenia.Machine learning and Armenia’s advantages.

According to Adam, there are real good experts specialized in machine learning in Armenia.

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