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Feb 17, 2017

11 Cafes and Pubs to Hang Out In After a Tiring Working Day (Part I)

Yerevan certainly isn’t as big as most of the European capitals, but it is diverse. This diversity is manifested in the variety of cafés and pubs. We have sorted out some of the most popular places to hang out. They are always ready to become your favorite spot for work, taking a break, and, of course, for quiet evenings. From loud parties to calm corners, this list contains 10 interesting thematically organized spots.

Cafes for non-smokers

Yerevan is not left out of discussions on ecology and health, and the issue of smoking is probably one of the most debated topics. So if you’re a non-smoker who wants to find a cozy corner to have a cup of coffee, then here are some options to consider.

Crumbs the Bread Factory
Image credit: Crumbs the Bread Factory

If you want to have cozy with delicious, all set in a no-smoking environment, Crumbs will be the right destination! Yummy sandwiches and quiches made with natural ingredients, fine bread and lots of love with manage to satisfy your appetite and hunger!

Image credit: Achajour

In Achajour you will not only enjoy the delicious meals but will also have the chance to spend a relaxing evening in the heart of one of the most beautiful parks of Yerevan. So this may be a double pleasure for a non-smoker.

The Green Bean
Image credit: The Green Bean

As the name suggests, The Green Bean couldn’t be any “greener” and eco-friendlier. The café is thoroughly designed for non-smokers. You might even see people come here and have something, step outside, have a smoke, and come back. In addition, the Green Bean offers fresh and organic products.

Caffe Vergnano
Image credit: Cafe Vergnano

Many smokers enjoy the combination of cigarette and coffee. But what about the non-smoker coffee fans? Well, Caffe Vergnano is always here for them, offering a separate hall for non-smokers who can enjoy the cast variety of professionally prepared hot drinks.

Retro Café
Image credit: Retro Cafe

With its comfy little area for non-smokers, this café offers a range of tempting and delicious treats to try out. Initially, the café didn’t have the non-smokers section. Later, however, such zones were added to both of its branches in Yerevan.

Cafe La Boheme

Image credit: La Boheme 
Created with the format of an outdoor café first, La Boheme now has a second floor designed entirely for non-smokers. So the fans of French cuisine and wines can pay a visit and discover everything themselves.

(to be continued)