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Contact Details

Tsakhkanush Sargsyan

69/17a Baghramyan avenue, Yerevan

(+374 96/99) 44 93 75

Company Profile

The main area of work of Comine-Soft is software development for health organizations. The company has developed more than 5 software packages for health organizations since 2009 which include both desktop applications and web projects.

Besides health programs, the company has created some software to support different processes’ automation and management.

Desktop Applications

E-Hosp – Hospital cases management and reporting system. The software keeps records on hospital cases, analyzes the performance of Primary Health Care organizations (PHC) with automated reports.

E-Policlinic – Information system for management PHC cases. The program gives opportunity to doctors to record their population and services provided by them.

E-Dent – Software developed for dental clinics for data manipulation

E-Laboratory – Software intended to keep, report and analyze the records on laboratory researches

TBIS – Automated system for keep tracking of patients having tuberculosis, the dynamics of their illness and the schemes of curing depending on their diagnosis

HR-Manager - Human resources management system for keeping data on staff and having reports on its dynamics

C-Procurement – Automated system for procurement management with modules for creation RFPs, agreements  and corresponding documentation as well as automated mail delivery to the potential RFP participants.

E-Territorial – Community positions and workers data management system for keeping and manipulating data on community workers, their shuffling  and position changes.

E-Test – Software for testing community workers with modules on randomly selecting examination members, test questionnaire and oral questionnaire depending on the position candidates are testing for

Web Projects – Official web site of State Health Agency of Ministry of Health of RA for sharing information with population on the primary health services, social packages and other topics. The web site also contains official reports on the yearly figures of services provided by the health organizations. – PHC analysis portal intended for publicizing reports on PHC cases both for health organizations and public. The web site contains health care indexes, and figures for analyzing PHC services and diseases among the population of RA.

The company regularly organizes trainings on the new software as well as for the old ones’ version upgrades.

The software support and maintenance is also included in the services provided by Comine-Soft.