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Contact Details

Arsen Pyuskyulyan

31/3 K. Ulnetsi, Yerevan(0037), Armenia

+374 60 464 064
+374 91 777 855

Company Profile

We are a team of ambitious young developers with big ideas.

We have been developing websites for several years and are highly experienced and competitive in developing high-end products. With the growth of the internet we have kept up with the latest trends and technological advances and have successfully incorporated them into our products.

In recent years we have also become specialized in the smartphones' sector. In addition to providing a service to our regular clients we have also developed our own products which have generated a good response from the users.

Our team with its highly skilled and flexible engineers is ready to turn any idea you may have into a serious project and a real product.

We offer:

  • Website development from beginning to a tested finish within the agreed deadline employing the latest technologies and advanced security requirements.
  • Development of iOS & Android cross platform applications compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Sophisticated WordPress plugins and themes development to meet all needs. 
  • Creative graphic designs using flat or material and our own unique solutions.